Mixing Work

Matt uses MOTU Digital Performer with additional processing from Waves, SSL, Universal Audio, Flux, SoundToys, Lexicon, Slate Digital, and Audioease.

Film, TV Scores I
(Lemon Films, John Bisharat, Lifetime Television, Disney Channel, MTV, Disney Channel, True Love, Lifetime Television, Universal Studios, Lego Films, Lemon Films)

Film & TV Scores II 
(A&E, A&E, CBS, ABC Family, CBS, CBS, CBS)

Film & TV Songs 
(D.Lawrence, MTV, MTV, Sony Pictures, Disney Channel, BSX Records, Sony Pictures, Sony Pictures, Lifetime Television, Disney Channel)

TV Commercials 
(IBM, IBM, IBM, Suave, Hot Wheels, Morgan Stanley, Sprint, Mattel)

Ashley Faatoalia “Summertime”

Big & Rich “Sweet Mary Jane”

Brian Stuart Fox “Life”
(Mixing, Mastering)

Star Trek: Music From The Video Games BSX
(Starfleet Academy, Voyager Elite Force, Voyager Main Title, Legacy-Kirk’s Theme)

Star Trek TNG, Encounter at Farpoint
(m94 “Revealed/Reaching Out”)

Disney Teen Beach Movie
(5M49, 5M53)

Common Law USA Network
(Main Title, 108_4m29)

Gary Lynn Floyd “Music in the Meaning”

Kyle Nasser “Shadow Army”

Mandrill “We Gotta Get It”

Marie Digby “Kings and Queens”

Michael Tucker “For Mark”

Novas Trio “Gravity’s Empire”
(Mixing, Mastering)